This site will only be as good as those who participate in it, so submit your work!

Send the following via email to or on a Mac or Windows formatted zip disk to:

Stephanie Sinclair
4651 N Wolcott Ave., Apt. 2.
Chicago IL 60640

Submissions for the Singles section require all of the following except the self-portrait. The text required can be condensed.

- Send as many photos as your project warrants -- up to 15 images.
- Color or black and white are both fine.
Size images 6 inches at your longest width/length, at 72 dpi.
- Save images in Photoshop as JPEGs.
- If you do not own the copyright to your images, let us know who does and get permission.

- Name the project (not needed for singles).
- Name each image, one or two words.
- Include captions, if appropriate.
- Send captions as either plain 'ol text in the body of an email message or if you're using a program likeWord or Wordperfect please save as an .rtf or .txt file if possible.
- Also please spell/ fact check your work.

- An essay is required for each project submitted, including singles, and should be about one typed page. I want to know how this project relates to who you are. What was your experience like? Who did you meet? Where did the idea originate? Whatever you would tell your friends ...
- This should also be spell/fact checked and sent as the body of an email message or saved as an .RTF or .TXT file if possible.

- Polaroid self-portrait. And yes, from a real Polaroid camera (all formats welcome), flat bed scanned with borders.
- A bio, written in the third person, describing your background, achievements and any other personal information you want to share. Check out Pauline Lubens' bio for an example.
Email address and personal Web site address if you have one.
- Let us know if there are any links that you want us to hook up to from stuff written in your bio or essay.
- Yes! This too should be spell/ fact checked and sent as the body of an email message or saved as an .RTF or .TXT file.

Please feel free to email us or give us a call if you have any questions
(773) 334-1246. Thanks!