There is, as Carl Jung understood, a universal language of all things. That being a language of symbols. My work is as such. These photographs and photograms are images in a wordless book of me, chapters 21 and 22.

For me these pieces, like most of my work, serve as a guide to art, life, love, and the realm of my subconscious. If I could just simply express these things in words, there would be no reason for me to make photographs/grams; because, there are things that these images haven't even told me yet. These photographs aren't just captured images, they have been given more.

When a glass breaks, you bend over and pick it up get a broom, sweep up the pieces and throw them away. When something in me breaks, I go to my camera, or the darkroom, or the computer and I save it. I then, like sweeping away the pieces of glass, take the pieces of me and others and add, mold and shape through emotion and aesthetic.

I believe that the process and the final product is the art. I really enjoy the moment when I am creating. Especially when I'm in the dark room using my hands. For the past year I have been working within a photogram basis. This allows me to feel like I'm painting with the chemicals. I move quickly, turn the lights on, dip the paper in and out of developer ... and then expose a negative, sometimes repeating the process again on the same piece of paper. It is fun, relaxing and emotional.

I received criticism for some of these pieces. People told me that they are pornographic and that they don't do justice to my art. I was also told that I shouldn't think or work in this manner (by many people male and female). I feel that these pieces are one spectrum of my mind, and one spectrum of my style and work. I have seen men work with sexual images of women and not receive the berating comments I have. Women have every right to work in any way they choose and not have to feel remorse for such.

I really love what I do, and sometimes I get more from my work than I give. Maybe that is why this is my passion. I cannot explain the meaning or message behind the images; they were not made with words. Instead, let your imagination or subconscious echo in you what you feel is within these pieces and all visual arts. Escape to the outer limits of your mind.

-- Anastasia Owad